Forever Home vs Legacy Home

I’m on a mission to 100x the amount of B2B and Tech entrepreneurs in my community, who have diversified portfolios. Diversity and inclusion in real estate investing needs to improve. This past week I had two clients who applied for loans, were approved and backed out because they did not feel confident looking in their range, with a limited number of homes listed. Imagine going to school for four years, getting degrees, consistently making a decent amount of money with a good job, having kids, living a happy life but not being able to purchase a home that fits your family. Or do you know a single parent living in a multigenerational household for the “social support”? Our income, educational backgrounds, employment, community safety, and social support are all weak. I’m a real estate agent because I know changing your environment can change your life. Having a forever home is possible, we just need to get creative. On the other hand I have a client searching for acres of land to build a tiny home community in Cleveland, GA. Then another that bought an income generating investment property in Calhoun, GA. All four clients are looking in the 160k-300k range. Think outside the box, passive income, equity, diversification, build capital, leveraging your funds, or tax advantages. Wondering if you should buy a house? Take the first step and schedule a consultation.

Forever Home

The concept of the 'forever home' means finding a space that suits your needs, is flexible and can adapt with you in the future – so it's important to consider a number of things to ensure what you're looking for is right and can grow with you.

Legacy Home

Generational wealth is anything with monetary value that is passed down from one generation to the next. This can include property, money, investments and businesses.

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