“Zone” by Exhibit B

Metal undertones baby! If you haven’t noticed all my paintings and shows derived from the five elements of Feng Shui, this one is still going to be teaser. I used my love for 80s art in the city and made this collection. Here is a list of everything that came to mind when I made this one: Traveling, collages, moving the crowd, independent intersection, environment issues, globalization, life, liberty, the pursuit, money, trading, lines, being resourceful, creating a way from what we know and have, the new normal and sugar cane. 

All the pieces I made that fit into this category got lumped into “Zone” I told myself that I may not be an expert on topics revolved around environmental issues, but I know I’m affected by it. These paintings were my rendition of it all and most of the colors in it are dark, blacks always been my favorite.

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