You Know You Can

People look at art and say they wish they could do that. People are fascinated by the creative spark artists have and give. If you want to try it, do it. I’ll paint for hours to clear my mind, it’s my therapy. Painting has always been good to me. It’s a process that shows an emotional rollercoaster. You don’t have to be great at it to do it.

The day I bought a canvas a feeling was lifted out of me. I rethought what I was going to school for. Four years into my fashion major, I redirected myself and came up with another business plan.  

When people admire an Exhibit B painting it’s as if they're saying they love how I expressed my thoughts without even knowing what I was thinking. This is when the art of painting resonated with me. The spark flows through my paint brush, onto a canvas and up on walls.

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