Will Abstract Art Fit the Design of Your Home?

The real question is do you like it or love it? An abstract painting will fit the design of your home if you want it to. There are different types of abstract art. There’s the calmer side, contemporary and then there’s the louder side, the expressionist. Both are pretty much opposites one fits a more traditional home and the other can be placed in a home that’s not as “traditional”. This is just how I see it. 

If I see a space that has the same color scheme as a piece I painted then all you need is the eye for design to match the furniture, accents and other touches to complement it. Never overpower a painting, it should serve as a conversational piece, a focal point, it’s art. Select art for your home first and then plan around the collection, this will bring your homes interior design together. If you choose to do it afterwards or swap your art out frequently then make it fun.

Do you prefer seeing different colors and searching for messages or figures? You may enjoy an abstract expressionist painting. Be more selective with your accents, the centerpiece should be the art especially if you're a collector.

Are you more into subtle, nonobjective, all around pieces that can fit on any wall, in any space, with the same colors? You may be drawn more towards contemporary abstract. These are in the now pieces, you can find prints of these pretty much anywhere, on shelves in stores. These are currently a trend in interior design. This style is what you will find prints of in the lobby of a condominium with strokes of paint in some spots, in an office building, furniture stores, etc. This is the art that’s in the now, very accessible. I say this all to say, find something new. We have new collections at B Gallery & Design, stand out in the crowd.

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