The Latest is the Greatest, “Primary” Collection

The latest collection was all about primary colors. I chose red, yellow and blue because I wanted to put an emphasis on the beginning of my journey. For the first quarter I focused on an increase that was coming my way. Just smiling at me, warm and sweet.  

All I wanted to do was work on my craft, be organized and set systems in place for myself. I was on fire and this bled into my work, all the reds came from that feeling. I'm telling my story through my work. Each piece is completely different. I can’t forget to mention that two have already sold! I named my first quarter collection “Primary”, the beginning, the base, the start to something new. From then until now I have done exactly what I said I was going to do. Plan out my collections and get my work out into the world for people to see. 

I made seven large pieces on canvas and then a bunch of smaller paintings on cardstock. I never painted on paper this way before, but I turned into a nice morning exercise to get my creative juices flowing. This collection came from new beginnings, a focused artist with a plan in place.

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