“The Collector” by Exhibit B

This collection was inspired by mindfulness, growth, being green, being alive and 100% yourself. Once I came up with this concept, I went crazy! I was mad at myself for not doing this sooner but hey it’s never too late. These works all had a green thumb in mind, each piece was made freely with a focus on Earth, Balance & Stability, principles of Fengshui. SeemsiSeems contradicting, free and focused but it wasn’t. I used some of the same colors in this one. Then I knew how I wanted the show to look so this made it all congruent. The show didn't happen this Spring due to the world's circumstances but hey it's nothing but a hairflip.

All I envisioned was our planet earth, green, gold, and white. Once this elaborate, plant based, boho show happens my work is going to come to life. The intent is also to release my blog, The Collectors Suite. The mood board began when I started planning my first solo show “bodhi”. I’m seeing mini hors d’oeuvres, plants everywhere, the Caribbean girl, champagne, an all-white affair. I can't wait to pull this one off. Wait until you see the finished products, see more on IG @bgalleryanddesign. Get as excited!

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