Where Will You Put Your Exhibit B Painting?

Just like everything else in art and design will go in and back out of style. I’ve been seeing these collage walls with frames and mirrors. In my opinion if isn’t not a bunch of photographs of people or places then this look gets old fast. It's too much DIY for me. To fill a space the best way to utilize it is through art. 

Don’t do too much DIY in your home, you can always tell. I love a refurbished couch or table but repurposed frames over and over need to be filled with something interesting, please. Even if it’s a full sized mirror or smaller pieces of art. Prints are perfect for this, very cost efficient, make your own gallery wall. Let’s master the art of design on your walls. 

Put something up with meaning, let go of the phrases, the cutesy sayings. Let’s have our friends and family sit back and observe a conversational piece not read a book. Add value to your space, switch it up with the season. Add some spice to it, your home should change up just as often as you want it to. Make your space create thought, be welcoming and remembered. You can do all of this by starting your B Gallery & Design collection.

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