Reasons for Everything

The reason I became an artist is evident. I wanted to be able to express myself and open up my own mind. With all the influences around us it became important to me to keep my mind together and create my own influences. Once I got a hold of ways of doing this, I became more focused. 

Now it’s clear, I plan on leveraging my art profession and business to help people in communities that aren’t exposed to art. I toyed back and forth between how I was going to do this effectively. 

I’ve been working hard to figure out my voice in the art world and I’m striving to lead. Leadership in the arts is crucial. Lately I’ve been seeing simple forms of expression and I believe there’s more to it. Artists aren’t saying as much as they should through their work and now is the perfect time to do so. We have a special gift of expressing ourselves loudly without saying much at all. So why not? I can admit it, painting hasn’t been easy lately but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped. Let’s keep going! -Exhibit B

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