Partnering with Exhibit B!

Right now, if I had to pick my favorite nonprofit it would be Elite Woman of Excellence. I wish I could call myself an Alum of EWOE! This organization helps young minority girls make their footprint in life. They mentor, educate and teach important life lessons for middle and high school girls who struggle with everyday influences or just life. 

The first time I volunteered my time with EWOE I had a class full of 9th and 10th grade girls. The lesson I taught was about coming up with a growth plan. I brought my plants for inspiration and each of the girls painted their view on growth. At first all the girls were quiet but once I started painting, they started to open up and ask questions. I explained to them how goals are great to have but after those are reached you run the risk of plateauing if you have no plan for growth. The other point I brought to their attention was that knowledge is only power if you use it. In this session I benefited greatly by telling my story. Position yourself to do try to do the same.

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