Exhibit B Strives to…

I figured out that after I put a solid plan in place for my paintings I realized I needed to dig even deeper. I couldn’t figure out why I was painting for so long and working so much inside of my business. I was painting for clients, interior designing, design consulting, all while I was working full-time job. I was an entrepreneur and I was working for someone else. 

Once I got married and I moved to the mountains. I had a lot of extra time to get clear with myself on why I was doing what I was doing. I made a breakthrough with myself and put two and two together. I was doing all these things related to my passion but wasn’t treating my business like a business, I was setting myself up to always work and this was not what I wanted. I said to myself if I want to run multiple galleries how in the world will I be able to be in all these places at once? I had to sit and really think about what I was doing and why.

I did some soul searching. I started volunteering my time, leading painting events for nonprofits that focused on building communities. It may seem small but giving my time for a cause gave me the most humbling feeling. I was only using my skills to make money. I missed out on making connections this way and it really solidified my why, my mission. All this time I knew what my paintings could do but I didn’t think about why I wanted to make it happen.

I had the opportunity to propose an art therapy program to the board of a local nonprofit I work with. Even though I don’t think it was considered, the process of creating it was all I needed. You know what they say about how your failures are right next to your successes? Well this was one of mine. I was looking forward to using my work with this community but in the back of my mind I was forming a program for my gallery. This was going to be the beat to my drum, my why was right in front of me.

One thing I’m good at is evaluating my experiences. I take away everything I can out of them, how I feel and what I’ve learned. I figured out my why, saw there was a need and that's what I'm filling.

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