Let’s Manifest a Yearly Obligation

This year I decided my theme will revolve around an increase, dedication, mindfulness and self-love. I wanted to focus on one but I’m breaking it up into quarters. I'm being intentional with my life because I see my future. 

Me painting more comes with an increase. I’m preparing mentally, emotionally and physically for whatever comes my way. 

Next is my dedication to my craft. I’ve been given this talent and becoming a leader takes an enormous amount of dedication. B Gallery & Design is young, I can’t call it a baby anymore but it’s still learning the ropes.

Mindfulness is big. I get wrapped up in the bigger picture. It’s taken me far but being mindful saves time in the long run. Thinking things through and making a decision. Sharpening this skill might need to be number one.

The last one is self-love. I’m not going to lie, self-love for me is painting what I want. This removes painting for the masses. Have you ever heard someone say you can’t please everyone? This style of art may not be what everyone wants in their home. A part of my commission process is seeing if I’m the best fit for a client. That’s my self-love as cheesy as it sounds, loving my work and myself as the artist comes first.

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