Exhibit B Gifts and Holiday Cheer

The holidays are near and I’ve a very special gift package for you, your friends, family, clients and coworkers. Get your Christmas shopping out the way, once and for ALL. Whether near or far, I’m offering to paint a collection straight from you to them. I’ll ship or hand deliver if you’re local, gift-wrapped pieces for you to hand off on Christmas. There you go, an original gift solution that’s worth more than candles, a pair of shoes or a gift card, it’s thoughtful. 

Imagine no running around, no scrambling, no malls, no gift wrapping, no traffic, no speeding to make it to stores before they close, no checking for sizes and availability, no stress, and the list goes on. Try something given from the heart, and something new  for each of your gift receivers. B Gallery & Design has what you need.


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