Abstract Art Influenced by Travel

Travel influences every aspect of my work. I told myself that for me to accomplish at least four solid collections each year I need four new destinations of influence. This may seem outlandish but it's vital. Breathing different air, eating new foods, seeing new people and places is essential to everyday life. Not everyone is privileged enough to appreciate these things, but I know how important it is for myself. 

Artwork influenced by foreign places always shine. That's why people like landscapes so much, it takes them to a nice sunset or a mountain they've never been to. 

Knowing the artist and where a painting derived from is important. I have blood from the islands, but I physically need to go to feel it. Think about it, knowing where Basquiat came from and who he was is just as important as his work. Don’t we want to know who we are buying from or what we are buying? With art we are buying a piece of someone’s mind, their thoughts, feelings. Wouldn’t it be cool to know that a painting you're getting was painted in Austrailia and it had Aborigini influences? Does it matter to you? If these things don’t matter and you are into the surface only then that’s cool too. On the other hand, think about what’s behind the work of the artist. I may have circled the world to paint that piece. So much goes into my creative process and travel is number one.

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