An Artistic Experience by Exhibit B

I have stories for days but there’s one I have in mind. years ago, I worked for Verizon and in my training, I introduced myself as an artist. I know what you’re thinking, why would you work for a telephone company if you’re an artist. I was transferring colleges, just got a car and I needed to make a living. I was nineteen with a car payment and car insurance that I had to pay. I knew I wouldn’t be there for long.

Fast forward, my trainer was interested in African art. She asked me to draw three vases. A week later she presented it to the class and paid me. I was leaving one of the top art schools in the country to go to another and was already getting paid to do what I wanted to do. This was the beginning of my first commissioned piece.  I wrote this to spark inspiration. Start claiming who you are, live your life on your own terms successfully and you’ll feel yourself molding into the person you see as yourself . - Exhibit B

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