3 Design Tips for a Multigenerational Home

Multigenerational living is not new.

The home design trends are! Several generations of a family living under one roof have been a common all over the world. Families grow fast, our parents become elderly and sometimes we want to stay close for comfort, accessibility, convenience, or to cut costs. Here are three design tips if you are building or buying.

Utilize Every Inch

Hello, why not utilize every inch, you may need those inches one day. Be upfront with your builder. If your dining room area can convert into an office, that shelf beside the fridge may not need to be by that window. Consider an area for each generation in the home.

Separate Entrances

Separate entrances would be nice for one that comes home late, privacy, one that has guests over, there are all kinds of reasons behind having your own entrance. 

Design for Dual Purpose

Think like an investor, make a home convenient for future renters. Keep in mind, bedrooms can convert when necessary into an office, a den, an exercise room. 

If you’re building or buying incorporate these elements. Click here to schedule a consultation. Ask about my network of builders. 

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