Exhibit B 2020

Number one, an increase, yes, an increase is coming and if I’m not prepared then what happens? I fail and this would be a set back. Number two is dedication, meaning staying dedicated to my craft and not hoping on the next best idea. I’m practicing dedication BIG time. Mindfulness is my number three. I noticed myself so many times over this past year forgetting the little things I had in “mind”. I’m the person that has to write things down, plan out my days to get stuff done. My mind has been so laser focused that I start to forget the small things that can affect me everyday. Number four is self-love. I’m the one that’ll get my nails done for a special occasion or if I’m going on vacation. I decided to show myself self love by spending more time with myself. Twenty twenty, an increase came, I am dedicated, I am mindful and I love myself. 

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